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BoŠnnís Banks

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Locally Grown member farm
Eric and Chris Wagoner
310 Woody Rd
Royston, GA 30662
706 245 9774

Sustainable Agriculture Along the Broad River

BoŠnnís Banks is a natural farm in Franklin County, Georgia. We specialize in growing heirloom and open pollinated vegetables and eggs from day range poultry. During the growing season (roughly May 1 through October 31), our produce is available at the Athens Green Market at Big City Bread (on the corner of Meigs and Finley) on Saturday mornings from 7:30 to 12:30 and through the Athens-area Locally Grown cooperative, or by special delivery near Royston, Athens, and surrounding communities.

We practice sustainable agriculture, which means applying only natural fertilizers and pesticides, and using techniques that conserve soil and water quality. The result is food as nature intended: fresh, full of nutrients, and produced without harm. We are not USDA certified organic, but we do not use any methods not allowed by the organics standards. As of January 1, 2004, our farm is Certified Naturally Grown.

The plants we grow are those preserved from generation to generation that your grandparents and their grandparents enjoyed. They were bred over the years for their taste and natural resistance to pests and disease. Theyíre nothing like what youíll find at the grocery store. The chickens we raise are a variety of breeds from the nationís leader in poultry breed preservation. They wonít lay uniformly sized pure white eggs, but the eggs they lay will be the best tasting eggs youíve ever had. Theyíre fed only natural grains and the greens and bugs they hunt for themselves.

In addition to selling produce as you need it, we also offer a pre-payment option, the BoŠnnís Banks Meal Plan. Pre-paying benefits you by entitling you to a discount on everything we sell at market and gives you the chance to suggest what produce youíd like grown before the plants are in the ground. It benefits the farm by providing both capital and customers early in the year, when the farm needs them the most.

The amount you pre-pay is up to you. The amount of discount is on a sliding scale, so here's some suggested levels: $100 of market credit will cost $90. $200 of credit costs $175. $400 of market credit, enough for your whole family, costs $330. You wonít be forced into taking a box of vegetables that you may or may not want; the choice of produce is yours.

In addition to the discount, Meal Plan customers will receive access to limited quantity crops before other market shoppers and special pricing on overly bountiful crops, our regular newsletter, full of recipes and the often-interesting stories of the varieties growing on the farm, periodic specials, and other benefits.

For more information, call or write Eric and Chris.



March 8, 2004 -- We've updated the "What's Growing" link to show you what we do, in fact, have growing. As the season progresses, you will see planting dates, expected harvest dates and amounts, interactive field maps, and an on-line encyclopedia of heirloom varieties. So watch this space for details!

January 1, 2004 -- Our eggs are available year-round at the Daily Groceries Cooperative on Prince Avenue in Athens. As part of their continuing commitment to stock local produce when available, they are buying as many eggs as our hens feel like laying. You can buy our eggs there for the same price I've seen the chain stores charging for factory produced brown eggs. We deliver on Monday mornings and they've been selling out of our eggs within days, so arrive early!

January 1, 2004 -- We're now accepting "Meal Plan" customers for 2003. Read below for details.

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For more information about Eric, visit his personal website.